Counselling for Women in South London

I am a fully qualified counsellor and am guided by the BACP Ethical Framework which ensures that I offer a confidential, respectful and ethical service.

Qualifications & Memberships

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy(Distinction)
  • Foundation Certificate in Art Psychotherapy.
  • Member of the BACP(British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)
  • Member of Counselling Directory
  • Full Professional Indemnity Insurance

    Professional Development

    I take my professional development seriously and continuously look for opportunities to enhance my practice:

  • I undertake regular supervison with a qualified Clinical Supervisor who helps me to reflect on my work and supports best practice.
  • I engage in personal therapy and practice regular yoga and meditation as a means of looking after myself and making sure I am able to be fully present in sessions.
  • I attend short courses which enhance my practice and develop my awareness: a recent example is the completion of a 14 week course specialising in counselling women affected by sexual violence (Women and Girls Network).

    Personal Approach

    My approach to counselling and psychotherapy is broadly integrative, which means that I am influenced by a number of different theories depending on the perspective and needs of my clients.

    As a brief guide, some of theories I draw on include:


    Responding to you in a genuine, accepting and sensitve way that honours the use of core conditions - congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard; making sure that you remain at the centre of our work together.


    Looking at the past and its effect on the present - in the form of memories or childhood patterns that may be shaping some of your current feelings, relationships and responses.


    Based on an appreciation of difference and equality, contextualizing your experience as a woman, or valuing qualities traditionally associated with women: cyclical or 'spiral' modes of thought and expression; access to dream and the unconscious; awareness of how body, mind and spirit work together.


    Helping you to think practically and positively about the changes you want to make, often by building on the resources and practices that are already working well.

    Holistic/ Mindfulness-based Approaches

    Focusing on the 'here and now', helping you to relax and breathe fully using visualisations and/ or meditation techniques. Supporting you to relate how you are feeling emotionally to how you are feeling physically, restoring mind-body connections that promote optimal health and wellbeing. Looking at self-care and encouraging you towards practices that nurture and replenish you.

    Inspiration and Experience

    For the last 8 years I have worked on different community projects in London, supporting women with issues relating to women's health, trauma and post-traumatic stress, domestic violence, mental health, isolation and discrimination.

    Alongside private practice I currently manage a counselling and advocacy project aimed at women from around the world who have experienced human rights abuses and gender-based violence. This work has taught me not only about the oppression and inequalities women continue to face in all cultures, but about the courage, resilience and humour that women bring to their every day lives - qualities which ultimately transcend barriers created by culture, race, education, class or income.

    I am passionate about supporting women to share the resources and knowledge that each of us has, and see counselling as a means of enriching my own understanding of the similarities and differences that make up our unique heritage.


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    tel: 07450965369
    The Sunflower Centre
    81 Tressillian Road
    Hilly Fields, Brockley
    London SE4 1XZ
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